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another day


another day on trying to take down the great stack. i’m making good progress this morning.

just got an email from my parents. evidently they are in new mexico or something like that. they’ve been on this road trip kick lately. but i think they’re tryign to find a new place to live and start thinking about retirement.

all i know is if they live down south in that hot weather they are never going to get a visit from me, lol. i think they already know that tho.

i know i keep saying this, but i want to go back to bed. the room was nice and cold and kc was nice and warm…mmmm. oh wait, that bastard has the day off!


i shoulda made him come here and help me with these invoices, heh.

he mentioned lunch, so maybe i’ll see him in a few hours.

new week


well it’s another week. i always like to think that after a good weekend you get to start fresh…

but that’s just not true. i’ll be dealing with the same stress and crap as I was last week. it’s a good rollover effect.

doesn’t really help me get out of bed in the morning.

overall it was a good weekend. my stomachs been hurting a lot lately, maybe i need to start thinking about going in and having my meds changed or something. i just hate going in…they always look at me like it’s all in my head or something. they just never take the problem seriously.

i forgot to take my pills over the weekend and now my stomach feels great. which would make me think i should stop taking them. but i know in a week my stomach will be in a constant state of loopiness and i’ll constantly think i need to vomit.



oh, and while i’m thinking about it, anyone who emailed and said that they wanted to meet up while i’m in madison should send me another note to let me know when your available so i can try to squeeze everyone in.


ok so what’s been happening lately. actually plenty….and i always forget something. so maybe i’ll write about nothing…..hmmm or just write about last weekend. but i’ll probably still forget something. puppyface took the weekend off so we could spend it together. his weekend is always offset from mine so we rarely get a whole day together. we started off with sleeping in. rolling out of bed we got ready and headed out to the market. there was a certain little shop we wanted to stop at and i was excited to see if the guy was still selling there. we stopped off at a french bakery across the street from the market for breakfast. puppyface had told me about it, so we stopped and had a ham and cheese croissant rolls (YUM) and some napolean dessert (MORE YUM). heading back to the market we found the guy we wanted to, but he didn’t have the exact thing we wanted, so we took his number and stuff to contact him later about it. what happened next….la la la. see i already forget….which is why i stopped writing about my weekends. OH, yeah.. we headed off south to stop at a few computer stores. i had bought a dvd burner the night before and puppyface was thinking about building a new computer but wanted to check out a few places that might be cheaper. we relaxed and later that night went out for long islands at CC’s. like always we stayed for one, made out for everyone staring at us and then left. hehehe, i always have fun doing that. puppyface felt like being naughty, so we stopped at Dick’s for a late night burger. and then we slept in again on sunday morning. we lazed around our room for a while and eventually got ready, because I wanted Beth’s for breakfast. If you don’t know, Beth’s is the home of the 12 egg omelette. I’ve managed to tackle the 6 egg omelette without dying from the cholesterol, but I don’t think i’ll ever attempt the 12 egger. we had biscuits and gravy instead of the eggs this time. drank coffee and oogled my puppyface. and then we….umm… god my memory is horrible. well who knows, all i really know is that my weekend was great. by the time i got into bed sunday night all i could tell puppyface was that i didn’t want it to end yet. we needed another day. *pout* hopefully we’ll have another full day again soon. i love spending time with him and while i get to see him every night it’s never compares to our occassional weekends together.


so yesterday, while at work…. i decided to not do my work and write a quick little program that spiders across the LJ friends network. it started with my account, looked at my friends, looked at my friend’s friends, etc. my database of people has grown so fast… my initial vision was that i was going to map the network visually. but at that point i was only thinking of a few thousand. so far i’ve mapped ~5000 peoples account and discovered 100,000+ of their friend’s accounts that are still waiting to be mapped. oy! i only map approx 100 accounts/hr so that i don’t hammer at LJ’s servers to hard that i get banned. so this is going to take a while….but that gives me time to think up a way to visually display the info. anyone have any ideas on this? with only a few thousand i was just going to display a basic web diagram…now i don’t know what i should be doing with it.


well i was running late this morning. i kept sleeping through my alarm. but i snuggled kc for a bit, got moving, showered, got out the door, got gas and left around 8am….8:08 i’m at work…which seems impossible. I usually leave at 7:30 at the latest and always walk in a half hour or more later. of course doing 100 or so down the (mostly) empty freeway helped. i don’t know why, but the freeway was empty at 8AM! what’s wrong with that picture…it should’ve been backed up like it always is. the freeways around here are so unpredictable. when i got off the freeway and i’m sitting at the light on the ramp…the guy in the car next to me took my pic with his phone….hmm. i caught him doing it after he already took it and then the light changed and he was out of there. *Growl* do i look like the type of person who enjoys having their picture taken??? NO I DONT. finally i am sitting at my desk and realize my bosses are working from home like they often do on fridays. i never know if they are or are not till I get here. so i could’ve been a lot later and no one would’ve noticed. but now that i’m thinking about it, i don’t think they would’ve noticed even if they were here. that’s one of the few things i like about big corps…no one cares about anything.


this morning before i came up to the office i stopped at the cafeteria downstairs. i went in and paid for some starbucks coffee with the last of my cash. went up the carafes of coffee and found they were out. so she says she’ll make some more and i say i’ll stop back. so i forget about it for awhile and when i got to thinking about coffee, i go again. out of coffee again! and the same when i check again at lunch. everytime i walk up the coffee i get the very bottom of the pot. so now, i went into the kitchen and found coffee. it’s crappy and no where near as good as the starbucks downstairs, but i finally got my coffee…and it’s almost time to go home. *sigh*


I keep reading the seattle times when i need a short break here at work. They’ve had this running article (“The Seattle Dating Blues”) that cracks me up. Women keep writing in complaining that there are no men to date in Seattle. They complain that the men that ARE eligable leave things way to open ended to even call it a ‘date’. like “i’ll be at the club tomorrow if you want to meet me there” type of thing. They’ve even started a whole forum for the topic. I just find it funny how so many people are just out to get hitched and aren’t really worried about who it’s with. Maybe it’s funny because of my very strict religious background. When two people would date in our church everyone would start asking when the wedding would be. Once you started dating it was pretty much the beginning of the end. it was crazy. and that’s all they cared about was finding a wife or finding a husband. they would actually switch churches just to find someone to marry and even have pastors set their church members up. oy. So anyways back to the main point was that this one lady even said stuff like “I just go up to Canada and steal their men. Works for me.”. But that one that really got me thinking was the chick that said “every single man in Seattle already has a boyfriend.” I think it’s funny when straight people seem out of place in such a big city…it’s cute. *pats the straight people on the head* ok back to work.


you are mediumauqamarine

Your dominant hues are cyan and green. Although you definately strive to be logical you care about people and know there’s a time and place for thinking emotionally. Your head rules most things but your heart rules others, and getting them to meet in the middle takes a lot of your energy some days.

Your saturation level is medium – You’re not the most decisive go-getter, but you can get a job done when it’s required of you. You probably don’t think the world can change for you and don’t want to spend too much effort trying to force it.

Your outlook on life is brighter than most people’s. You like the idea of influencing things for the better and find hope in situations where others might give up. You’re not exactly a bouncy sunshine but things in your world generally look up.

the html color quiz


So tonight is bear movie night. They’re going to be watching ‘Super Size Me’, and I certainly hope when I see it I will never want to eat fast food again. I don’t really like it now, but sometimes it’s just too convenient. Lately we’ve been excercising at the gym every night and trying to work on doing better at my diet to go along with. I’m thinking eatting like crap and working out is pretty counterproductive. I’m thinking I should start a journal to keep track of what i stick in my mouth and progress at the gym as well. most everyday is about the same lately. Breakfast: banana..or piece of whatever fruit is laying around, multivitamin Lunch: small salad from cafeteria downstairs. dinner: large salad, steamed vegies. and we’ve been starting with about 45 min of cardio at the gym… usually 450-500 calories. i just always seem to sneak in a snack somewhere without even thinking about it… i hate offices and their damn candy jars. and today that damn cookie store about a block away is calling to me. so i’m hiding in the building and i’m not going to leave till it’s time to go home. UGH. last time i walked past the store on a lunch hour i saw they had mocha amaretto cookies…DAMN THEM!!

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