wild blueberry coffee


I swear, with a little creamer and a little sweetener, it’s like drinking a blueberry muffin.

qq gecko

Guilt does not work on me



Email received:

Here at GEICO, the Gecko is feeling a bit sad today. In fact, he's feeling pretty neglected.  Why?  Because you once got a quote from GEICO and never came back to buy a policy.  Done't neglect the Gecko - he just wantst o help you save money.

Response sent:

From: Daniel  To: GEICO  Send me his tears in a jar.


Dear Boss-man




My throat has swollen up a few hours ago and has become very scratchy. In preparation for my impending sickness I have licked every piece of silverware in the office kitchen.



You should probably not eat anything here.


Dearest canvas


Dearest giant canvas by the kitty scratch box:

What do you wish to be?




Sometimes you have to crawl before you walk.


Get it?? It’s a pottery reference, heh…. You know, because crawling.. nevermind.


If anyone from Mayco is reading this, I think you need clearer defined instructions (or limitations) on your sculpting medium. This was not expected results. Does that look like dripping honey on a honey pot? NO! It looks like crap. That’s what it looks like.


Oh prime, how I love thee


I love my amazon prime membership.  I’ve been in love with it since it was first introduced many years ago.  If I could, I would hug it and squeeze it and call it George.  I’d also probably be put in jail for molestation.

Why go to the store or hunt for something when I can order it for cheap at any time and have it 2-day shipped for free.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that I’m getting really spoiled.  I order things and then the next day I am tapping my foot and wishing I had it NOW.  I’m good about planning ahead on my own projects on what I’ll need later that week, but once 24 hours hits I start obsession on the tracking information and where my order is.

The only thing that could make their shipping club even better would to have another tier that has 1-day shipping included.  Currently they let you 1-day order for 2.99, but most things I order tend to be cheap and adding 2.99 to an art supply makes it not any cheaper than just going to the store…. so it’s hard to justify.  But I would definitely be a member of that tier… easier to justify over the course of a whole year and many many purchases.

So Amazon:  Hint Hint, get to it.


Oh, screw you too.


Last night I looked up and saw one lone cloud floating across the sky.

Aww, how lovely.  And then I realized the cloud looked like a giant hand flipping me off.

“Oh, screw you too!”  So I went back inside.

Today, I found this image, obviously I’m not the only one the sky hates.


no burries


Camera 360

The neighbor’s whole yard was solid blackberries until a few weeks ago until a crew came in and ripped them all out. It was a shame because I was enjoying all the free berries leaking over the property line. There was no fence there but with a wall of vines we weren’t worried about it, at least not until next summer.  When the crew came in it pushed up the plans. I’ve only been adding one post a night since the sun is setting by the time I get home and get a hole dug.

Putting up a fence is a lot of work.

I bet you didn’t know that.


biggest loser


This week has been another huge diet week for me. I have been dieting right along but I really stepped it up. My workplace launched a Biggest Loser contest as part of our health program. Sunday night I was rubbing my temples and asking myself what I had signed up for. But Monday morning I was surprisingly gung-ho!

All week I’ve been minding my diet, walking at lunches, exercising at the gym and doing yard work. My calves will attest to it because they are completely torn up from pulling blackberry bushes in the back yard.

I’ve already begun threats against the other 43 people participating. I have evil plans to make sure I win. I am not above picking off each and everyone one of them to attain my goal.


Cookies on their desks? Will do.

Threatening to not help them at work if they don’t drop out? Already done.

Injecting their lunches with lard. Possible.


4 days in and 10lbs down. My next weigh in will be Monday morning.

I will be a LOSER!!


…wait a minute…




Dear Internets:

I am becoming more and more hateful as time progresses. Maybe it’s because I just had a birthday and I’m feeling old. Maybe I’m just going through a phase. Or maybe because I’m surrounded by morons and I simply can’t take it much longer.

First off, I hate the 4th of July. I do, I hate it. Not the independence part, but I hate that there are fireworks being supplied to the masses weeks before the celebration. Someone asked me what my plans were weeks ago and I told them I had none and that I hated the 4th. Of course I’d get the type of unpatriotic glares you’d expect. Once I explained about constant barrage of fireworks at all hours of the night for weeks before and after the 4th not a single person argued. In fact, they agreed. Last night, just after falling asleep the largest and loudest firework went off outside that literally made me jump out of bed. It took me a while to catch my breath and stop my abdominals from clenching so hard they hurt. The good part? At least I know I have abs somewhere under this belly because I could feel each and every ab perfectly.

Second, I hate Seattle numberswiki.com

today… well I have for the past few days. Seattle banned plastic bags. You can no longer get plastic bags at the grocery store or anywhere else to carry your belongings home. And those paper bags you used to get for free… remember? “Paper or plastic?” Well now you’re charged a fee for them. Only 5 cents, but all the stores I’ve been too are charging more than that, of course – any excuse to rip you off just a little more. So now you’re forced to buy paper bags, forced to buy reusable non-recyclable bags, or cry. At least some stores, like the warehouses let you reuse their cardboard boxes from stocking the shelves. It’s not that I disagree with moving away from plastic bags, I disagree that we’re forced into fees and using worse solutions. Paper bags take more energy to produce. And those non-recyclable bags you’re supposed to use will just join the plastic bags in the landfill. I’ve already seen reports on how those reusable bags are carriers and even the breeding ground for e coli and other food born bacteria.

I’m just hateful today. Maybe if I would’ve been able to sleep better the past few weeks my outlook wouldn’t be so horrible.

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